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Call from Afghanistan to Afghanistan

Receiving calls $1.35  per min.
Calls to Afghanistan $2.29  per min.
Calls within Afghanistan $2.29  per min.
Sending SMS/Text - via HOPSIM menu $0.16  per text
Sending SMS/Text - standard EU to EU $0.16  per text
Sending SMS/Text - standard $0.55  per text
Receiving SMS/Text $0.00  per text
Calls to another HOPSIM user $2.00  per min.
Helpline $2.00  per min.
Voicemail retrieval $2.00  per min.
Voicemail deposit $0.00  
Surcharge to call a mobile $0.00  per min.
Balance enquiry $0.00  
Connection fee $0.00  per call
Minimum handset GSM 900
GPRS Data (per 100kb) $2.85  (ROSHAN)
Voice2Email $2.00  per min.
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